Trump As a role model For PD patients

Now for something completely different. What we can learn from Donald Trump as a way of dealing with PD.

  1. First, the ability to completely ignore and disconnect to anything relating to fact. This would be helpful as who wants to hear that PD is a progressive neurological condition that as of yet has no cure.
  2. An absolute belief that what your doing is correct with no “data” to back it up. Yep that herbal pill I just took is going to cure my PD.
  3. The ability to deny, with conviction, that what happened, really did not happen. No doc my hand didn’t tremble, really, it didn’t.

A conversation between Trump and his neurologist:

Trump: “So doc, my hand has been shaking and I can’t figure out why?”

Neuro: “Well Mr. Trump we’ll have to run some more tests…”

Trump: “Wow, did you see that hot nurse? What do you think? You’d do her! Come on you know you’d hit that!”

Neuro: “Mr Trump, concerning your symptoms..”

Trump: “Wait, she would really dig my hand tremor! What do you think? Her tits are great”

Neuro: “I would like to consult with Dr. Cindy Hampton, a movement disorder specialist..”

Trump: “A woman! Is she hot? I didn’t know they let women into medical school! She must be ugly and fat!”

Neuro: “She is one of the top in her field..”

Trump: “I am the best real estate developer in the world! Built beautiful golf courses, gorgeous casinos. No I am not going to see a woman”

Neuro: “Well, how do you want to proceed, as she…”

Trump: “I am smart! Brilliant! Built the best real estate in the world,. I can cure this. Your an idiot. Everyone tells me I should be a doctor. I am the most qualified of anyone in medicine. You neurologist always stick together, we need something new”

Neuro: “Well, if that is how you feel, I can’t help you. Please see the receptionist on your way out for billing…”

Trump: “I am not paying for this, are you kidding! Did you just see that hot nurse…”

Hope you enjoyed. Also, my connection to Facebook was broken, so if you haven’t seen any of the recent posts, check them out.


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